Cristina Fontanelli

“... a natural performer of both popular and operatic music... endowed with an abundant musical personality, a seemingly limitless vocal technique, rich and varied tonal coloring and exceptional stamina and ease of execution.”    
-David Lasky,
Telegram & Gazette

Jersey Journal Interview
Fontanelli "givoane Callas" ad Atlantic City

Oggi review

“Vocal genius….. - The New York Sun

“Cristina Fontanelli at Feinstein’s at the Regency is like seeing a cross between Maria Callas and Ethel Merman. She has no equal.
- Forbes Magazine

“The best work came from Cristina Fontanelli”
– The New York Times

“Fine, fine work from soprano, Cristina Fontanelli”.
- The (NY) Daily News

“La Diva della Canzone” – America Oggi

Concert Soloist

"What singing it was...of particular note was 'Ah! fors' ? lui!' and 'Sempre libera.' That was a real heartstopper."
- Jerry Stephens, Youngstown Vindicator

[headline] "Soprano Highlights Concert"
"The highlight of the evening is soprano Cristina Fontanelli."
- Maureen Martin, Sarasota Herald Tribune

"She has a well-trained voice that she backs with considerable emotional oomph."
- Barb Zuck, Columbus Dispatch

“La Diva della Canzone” - America Oggi

[headline]”Soprano blows away TSO audience on her way to Carnegie Hall”
“Fontanelli sang with phenomenal strength and beauty...[she] was lively and buoyant, her expressive voice and body language magnificently expressed the aria... and obviously stole the show...”
- Patty Angevine, The Lancaster Times

[headline] “Renowned soprano romances at Pops’ concert”
“ of the most exquisite sopranos one is every likely to hear, namely, the highly acclaimed Cristina Fontanelli. .....Fontanelli’s stunningly controlled and dazzlingly virtuosic singing. Fontanelli was obviously the heart and sole of the concert. This soprano is a natural performer of both popular and operatic music and is endowed with an abundant musical personality, a seemingly limitless vocal technique, rich and varied tonal coloring and exceptional stamina and ease of execution.”
-David Lasky, Telegram & Gazette

[headline] “Soprano hits all the high notes with TSO”
“Fontanelli supplied the absolute highlight of the evening. [Her] singing is powerful and tasteful, all at the same time. The audience loved Fontanelli. She had a grace and presence that held us in thrall.”
-Nina Arnold, Sentinel & Enterprise

“Fontanelli glittered with a flowing performance of Mozart’s “Allelujah”. A soprano with an ample voice and an agile technique, Fontanelli sang moving performances...each one topping the previous one for fine phrasing and spine-tingling climaxes.”
-Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, Grand Rapids Press

"Cristina Fontanelli appeared to be a favorite with her rendition of George Gershwin's 'My Man's Gone Now' from Porgy and Bess."
- Richard Moore, Gulf Daily News

"...a tonally radiant sound, enhanced by personal charm and superb stage presence."
- John Chambers, Huntsville Press

"Elegante e vivace, una giovane Callas."
- Mario Fratti, Il Progresso


Il Tabarro

"The best work came from the Giorgetta, soprano Cristina Fontanelli"

- John Rockwell, The New York Times

"...fine, fine work from soprano Cristina Fontanelli, as the stir-crazy Giorgetta."

- Bill Zakariasen, New York Daily News
I Pagliacci

“Cristina Fontanelli appeared as Nedda in I Pagliacci. She is a true singing actress and brought great energy and stage presence to her role. She has a very pretty voice with a fine technique.”

- Robert Sharon, Palm Beach Daily News

“Soprano Cristina Fontanelli displayed a pleasing, direct vocalism as Nedda. She was strikingly animated in her ballatella, Stridono lassu. She is an energetic and adept actress.”

- Robert S. Butler, The Stuart News

“Cristina Fontanelli[‘s warm] soprano voice gave her character the seductive quality requisite for the role.”

- Bill F. Faucett, The Palm Beach Post
Cavalleria Rusticana – Santuzza

“Cristina Fontanelli is the most expressive and realistic Santuzza that I have ever seen. Even in the extreme depths of the voice through to the heights of this demanding role, she was in complete command of her great instrument. The colors and warmth of her beautiful spinto voice coupled with her sensitive interpretation of the character were......extraordinary. The Inneggiamo deserved the thunderous applaus it received.”

- Barbara Giancola, Opera of the Hamptons
Carmen - Micaela

“Even though Horn was the principal protagonist, Cristina Fontanelli transformed herself into the star. This soprano possesses a powerful voice, sweet, melodious, and her solo in the third act validated her recognition by the public.”

- Feliz Vinicio Lora, La Tarde Alegre (Santa Domingo)

“From her entrance Micaela (Cristina Fontanelli) was the grand selection of Maestro Piantini and the most outstanding voice of the opera with a firm, powerful voice that reached every corner of the hall. I [the reviewer] waited anxiously for every moment that she sang and was moved with great emotion.”

- Rafael Scarfullery, Ventana (Santa Domingo)
La Bohème - Mimi

"The most moving part of La Boh?me came from the quavering throat of Fontanelli when she sang Mimi's deathbed soprano swan song: it's this kind of elegiac expression which is the real tortured soul and the tear ducts of opera."

- M.G. Lord, Bangkok Times
Tosca - Tosca

“Cristina Fontanelli performed “Tosca” with soaring intensity. Her beautifully sung aria, a towering moment, brought many in the audience to tears. Tosca’s dramatic discovery of [Cavaradossi’s] lifeless body was riveting.”

- Pamela Gibson, Dan’s Papers
La Molinara - Eugenia

“Cristina Fontanelli was an appropriately ripe soprano for the Baroness Eugenia.”

- Paul Griffiths, The New York Times
La Bohème - Musetta

"Cristina Fontanelli raised the temperature by several degrees when she erupted into the square in red velvet. She was a fiery Musetta who played the part of a flirtatious heartbreaker with flaunting bravura. She performed her famous aria with technical ease and such comic zest, it was a showstopper."

- Jane Lee Anderson, Asbury Park Press
I Masnadieri

"Cristina Fontanelli's voice has many of the qualities that we associate with good Verdi sopranos."

- Tim Page, New York Newsday
La Traviata

“Cristina Fontanelli’s Violetta was well-acted and majestically sung.... her dramatic sense was on target, and in “Sempre libera,” her coloratura runs were clear and quite impressive. Her interpretation of the role revealed depths of emotion - and the “Addio del passato” was heartrendingly true.”

- David Swickard, The East Hampton Star

“The role of Violetta was masterfully sung and acted by soprano Cristina Fontanelli.”

- Jan Silver, Dan’s Papers
Gianni Schicchi

"A bright spot was soprano Cristina Fontanelli...with an almost shocking display of lyricism and sweetness. She was a warm and honest performer of irresistible charm."

- Michael Redmond, New Jersey Star Ledger
Die Fledermaus

"Cristina Fontanelli is probably one of the best Rosalindas I have heard in a very long time. She is a fine singer, a great actress and a beautiful artist."

- John Morgan, The Brooklyn Spectator

"Cristina Fontanelli was charming as Rosalinda, her voice rich and sensuous."

- Jeri Butler, The Stuart News
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